Agent Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming an agent for US Monitor. Our agents spend an hour or less every day (except for Sundays and Holidays) processing mail online. It is imperative to our business that the mail is processed the same day it is received.

In order for you to qualify, you MUST provide the following information. We will contact you if we have an opening in your area.

Salutation :
First Name :
Last Name :
Address 1 :
Address 2 :
Apt. No. :
City :
State/Province :
Zip/Postal Code :
Country :
Home Phone :
Daytime Phone :
Cell Phone :
Fax :
Email :
How long have you been at this residence:  
Do you plan on moving in the near future?

How many hours a day do you spend on the Internet?  
Would you process US Monitor mail at:  
When would you typically do the work for US Monitor?  
What is the best way to reach you during normal business hours?  
Are you able to store 100 pieces of mail or more for one month?  
Do you own and know how to operate a scanner?  
Do you own and know how to operate a digital camera?  
How many weeks a year do you travel for business or vacation?  
Do you have someone who can process the mail in your absence?  
Do you have an account with any of these shippers? Please check all that apply:
Do you have access to drop boxes for these shippers? Please check all that apply:
Please review your application before submitting.

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