According to U.S. Postal Service regulations, mail in this classification is sorted and delivered at the discretion of the postmaster and only after other classes have been processed. Many Standard Mailers find there are times that their mail is delayed. A delay disrupts any direct mail operation and the accurate analysis of its success. However, if you know how long it takes for your mail to be delivered, you can take steps to analyze returns properly and get an accurate picture. The service lets you know which NDC's move mail faster and the best times to mail. It is also a check on your lettershop service - allowing you to know if all inserts have been included in your mail piece and in the proper order.


It is extremely important to know when your mail is delivered, so that timely articles and editorials are relevant to readers. Also, advertisers who run dated or seasonal ads must know that their messages are read on time.


The business world moves rapidly and the U.S. Postal Service plays a major role in its economy. Correspondence, orders, inquiries, quotations, shipping information, contracts, invoices, corrections, checks and a host of other important mail matter must be delivered on time or many dollars and valuable goodwill can be lost. When you know how long it takes for your mail to be delivered you can plan mailing schedules to allow for delays and help ensure on-time deliveries.


Parcel shippers learn how long it takes to process an order; if the correct item was shipped, properly priced, packaged and if the shipping charge is correct; if proper discounts were given and all inserts included; and what mail was generated by the order. In addition, the return procedure is monitored.