1. The subscriber is billed the last day of the month for mail received during that month. Payment terms are net 30 days from the date of the invoice. Past due accounts are subject to a service charge of 1.5% per month. This service agreement is automatically renewed annually on the anniversary date of the order.

2. Each subscriber to our service has a unique, identifiable decoy name(s). For security purposes, when calling U.S. Monitor, the decoy name(s) will serve as the subscriber’s password to access information regarding the account. If you are not listed as an account contact, you will need prior written permission from the main contact to discuss account information.

3. The decoy name(s) and addresses are property of U.S. Monitor. The decoy names and addresses may be used for the following purposes only: to monitor delivery of mail pieces of subscriber and/or third party clients and to detect unauthorized use of mail lists of subscriber and/or third party clients of the subscriber. The decoy name(s) and addresses shall not be placed in any and all reference books, directories, yellow pages, advertisements, used in any public offline/online space or to deceive or defraud the public. Use of the decoy name(s) and addresses other than as expressly permitted is prohibited. The identities of U.S. Monitor decoy agents are confidential and any attempt by the subscriber to contact these agents directly is prohibited and will result in termination of this agreement and possible legal action.

4. Use of the U.S. Monitor name or logo in any advertising campaigns is strictly prohibited without the express written consent from US Monitor.

5. An account is not considered cancelled unless we receive written notification. When the subscriber cancels the subscription, the decoy names and addresses must be removed from any and all mailing lists immediately upon cancellation. Client agrees to pay shipping and handling charges to receive back the hardcopy decoy mail pieces as proof that the decoy names are still being received. This is process is also used to validate their billing. The subscriber will continue to be billed for mail received until all decoy names and addresses have been deleted from all mailing lists, and no further mail is received by U.S. Monitor.

6. If the subscriber is using our services on behalf of a third party, please note that the subscriber is responsible to communicate the above cancellation policy to the third party. In the event that mail continues to be received after cancellation, the subscriber will be responsible for all invoices thereafter. We are not authorized to give out any information to a third party, nor can we invoice them for mail received.

7. U.S. Monitor is not responsible for any undelivered mail or inaccurate reports if the subscriber fails to provide the appropriate mailing information prior to a mailing; and/or if the subscriber uses a level of service for which they have not subscribed.

8. Should the subscriber leave his or her position, or the company, the company is still responsible for these terms.